Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween 2009

I can't believe that Halloween has come and gone and the menu has already been planned for Thanksgiving! This entire year has just flown by and I don't have a clue as to how to get it to slow down! LOL. Well slow down or not I just plan to enjoy every minute of what's left of 2009, at least as much as I can. I'm posting some pictures that I have of the kids from Halloween this year. Unfortunately I don't have any of Alli or Emmi in their costumes, but there are a couple of them from the night they painted and decorated their pumpkins as a family. As for the costume pictures Brooklyn was a witch, Kaden was an "air force guy" (his words), and I wonder who he was trying to be like. LOL. Jackson was a frightening Dracula, Paxton was a cowboy and Tessa was a bumblebee. (Jacey was a "bun in the oven") hehehe. I made that one up. Thanksgiving is going to be so wonderful this year. I get to celebrate it with ALL of my children and Roger, Teresa, Erica, Dad Stockwell, Susie, Dan, kids, and maybe, just maybe, Miss Jacey. So not only will the food be fantastic but the company will be perfect. Of course I'll be taking pictures, and I only pray that you're Thanksgiving will be at least as half as wonderful as mine!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I don't know why I keep getting spaces. I'm no longer going to change paragraphs, I'm just going to keep typing all of my wording together. Sorry for the improper English. I wanted to post more photos though so sorry for the double post

More Pictures

So the wedding is over and it was absolutely beautiful. The fall color decor was gorgeous, not to mention the bride. Wow, she was more beautiful than I have ever seen her. She was calm and happy during the ceremony even if there were a few small problems, but then what wedding has ever gone off without a few hiccups, at least her hiccup was only with music. Thanks to Chad and Kass for taking the pictures at the wedding for me.

I also had the chance to take some pictures of Paxton and Tessa this past weekend. I stayed with them Wednesday through Saturday while Chad was out hunting, and getting a very nice buck. Tessa turned 2 on Saturday so I took some of her day and then Kass wanted some pictures of the kids with the fall colors. The only problem was Tessa was totally NOT into having her picture taken. I got lucky and caught her a couple of times with a grin, but Paxton was GREAT!!! Thanks buddy, he's even willing to start holding a pose for his grandma.

Well, that's the latest and I hope you all enjoy the photos.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Soooo Busy!!!

So Kevin has reminded me that I haven't updated my blog, and how he really enjoys seeing the pictures of the family. So for my son, here's an update! Since my last posting Kris has been busy with wedding plans, Paxton has I've gone to the Eastern Idaho State Fair with Chad, Kass, Paxton, and Tessa. (The picture of Paxton with the ketchup smile is from him insisting to eat his hotdog from the middle out, funny boy!) Kass is now 27 and has only 6 more weeks to go until Ms. Jacey May Mitchell will make her appearance. Jackson is almost done with football and playing fantastically (no biasness, I promise) and we've all just been all around busy. We are all hoping to avoid the swine flu an the annual seasonal colds.

I cannot wait until Kevin gets home and I can give him the longest, biggest hug!!!!! He has alot of people praying for him and those people will never know how much I appreciate their prayers for him.

This Saturday night I get to have Kris' kids after the wedding! We're going to have our first offical sleep over and I get to take the kids to church with "me". YIPPEE!!!!! We are going to have a wonderful day! I'm not sure just what we will do after morning church, but I'm sure I can come up with something. Then, Monday is a paid holiday from work. Wow, did I say a paid day off? I haven't done that in what seems forever! LOL.

So Son enjoy the update and all the pictures that I'm going to post, and stay safe. I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving and having all of my children together.



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

So summer is quickly coming to an end. The nights are getting cooler everyday, and yet my two tomato plants have yet to give me a ripe tomato. Some nice little green ones though. Oh well, anticipation never really killed anybody.
Saturday I went to Bear Lake with Jason, Kris and all the kids, along with Erica. We had a wonderful time. It wasn't too hot but just nice enough for the kids to have fun in the water. They could wade out there so far because of the lake floor being like sand and the water acting like low tide forever. We brought lunch and snacks so the only it cost was some gas. Well, and $4.00 a catr to enter the actual beach. There were a lot of people there but yet there was plenty of room to spread out. It was only about 1 1/2 hours from home and Jackson and Brooklyn rode in my car with me. Jackson and I had some great conversations and he read his books also, so no he didn't talk the WHOLE time! LOL. I've attached some pictures, and no I don't know how else to post them so sorry if the format is always the same. At least at 49 I'm attempting to stay up to date in the computer world by blogging, emailing, texting, and using facebook. Gotta give me credit there! Enjoy the pics!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Is Coming To An End

No photos this time just an update. I must admit that it does feel odd for me to not show off any pictures, sigh!

First, thanks to my wonderful daughter, Kass, for changing my Blog background. Suddenly my memory cannot seem to remember how to change these blasted things. I hate memory loss. Anyway, thanks so much sweetie, I obviously couldn't do this without you.

School is going to start just here in a week or two here in Idaho. The summer has gone by so quickly this year. Of course, with the strange weather this year, it hasn't felt like summer until the last 5 or 6 weeks. I've enjoyed my summer though. I've been blessed to do fun activities with my children and grandchildren. We been swimming a few times, went to Lagoon for a day, went to the parks, played on a slip and slide here at my house (thanks Kris) and many other fun events. I've also been blessed by spending one on one time with my Dad who so graciously came and visited me in June. We also went to Shoshone Falls, which I had never been to, and were just amazed at the beauty.

I am now working on the edging of Jace May's baby blanket (hope I spelled it right Kass!). It's two pinks combined together and will be perfect size for crib usage. Seeings how she will be born in winter, this blanket is guaranteed to keep her warm.

I have been thrilled to teach Kass how to can green beans. I can't explain the joy of passing on a skill that is becoming a lost way of life. To know that the kids will be eating beans this summer that they grew in their own garden is very satisfying. We hope to have enough tomatoes to can those also, and hopefully some peaches. I think next year we will work on pickles! Yum! Kris, if you want in on any of this just let us know. The more the merrier.

I've got to get back to work from my lunch hour. I hope all of you have been able to enjoy your summer with friends and family as much as I have.

Love and God Bless

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Time Fun!

Well summer is now upon us....well in Southeast Idaho we've had about 3 days total of summer weather, otherwise I am continually hearing how we are now known as Seatle, Idaho. For 2 of the 3 days of summer that we have had the kids and grandkids and I have made sure we've had some fun together. I took last Wednesday and Thursday off and all of Kris', Jason's and Kass' kids (along with all the parents) traveled to Lagoon for a day of fun for the kids. Please note that all of us have a kid in us. We all had wonderfully fun and exhausting time. Everyone one of us rode at least 1 ride and Jackson rode every single ride that the adults rode. I'm told that he never even screamed once but at least of the few adults did. Paxton never stopped smiling, and I was able to get a picture of Kaden and Brooklyn on the "kiddy boat ride" that I also have of Kris & Kevin riding on at about the same age. I hope to scrapbook those photos, but scrapbooking is definately a fall and winter craft.The next day Kass brought the kids back down to join all of the kids, Kris, Jason and myself to go swimming here in Pocatello. Once again the children all had fun and I was able to get alot of wonderful pics just like at Lagoon. Friday I went back to work looking like a "fried tomato". I here that I missed nothing at work the two days I was gone because our entire computer system had been down since Tuesday. Friday afternoon it finally came back up. So week I will be busy trying to catch up on last weeks work, doing this weeks work and doing it all in four days because I have Friday off as a holiday for the 4th of July.I hope you all have an enjoyable and safe 4th of July. And may we never forget this year how many lives have been given so that we can still celebrate this wonderful holiday in our country. God Bless, Pat